Capabilities and Services

Our capabilities and services have developed from a career-long passion for tracking and analyzing industry and company trends through interaction with executives.

We maintain a network of consultant-associates with many years of experience in serving industry and government in various consulting 
and management roles.

We provide insights and advisory services to industry and government.  These services typically take the form of studies, executive interviews, executive roundtables, strategic planning and marketing activities to support executive decision makers in energy, power, nuclear and process manufacturing industries.
Recent/Past Projects

  • 2012 -2013 Strategic View - Nuclear program (ongoing)
  • Industrial Development - Carolina Nuclear Cluster, SBA Program
  • Market Diversification - Major EPC, Fabrication and Modularization Group
  • Energy Vision Alternatives - Savannah River Site (SRNS), Mission Development
  • Market Consulting - Fabricator in Southeast Industrial Market 
  • Strategic View - Nuclear (2008) Major EPC
  • Strategic View - Energy (2007) Major EPC
  • Strategic View - Multi Industry
  • Strategic View - F&B
  • Nuclear Energy Insider - Conference Development Support

Executive Roundtables

Lessons Learned for a Future U.S. Waste Repository - Used Nuclear Fuel Conference, Charlotte, NC, Nov 2012
Sharing Best-Practices and Lessons-Learned for D&D Organizations - Nuclear D&D Supply Chain Conf, Charlotte, NC, Nov 2012
Strategic View of Nuclear Construction Needs and Opportunities - 4th Annual Nuclear Construction Summit, Charlotte, NC, Oct 2012
How Has Fukushima Changed the Future of the Nuclear Industry - U.S. Safety Enhancements Conference, Charlotte, NC, Oct 2012
The Post Fukushima Safety Upgrade Market - Power Uprates Conference, Charlotte, NC, June 2012
Small Modular Reactors - Nuclear Energy Insider Small Reactor Conference, Columbia, SC, April 2012
Supply Chain Roundtable - Nuclear Supply Chain Conference, Charlotte, NC, April 2012
America's Nuclear Future - Review of Blue Ribbon Commission Recommendations, Charlotte, NC, Nov 2011
Nuclear Emergency Preparedness - Nuclear Construction Conference, Charlotte, NC, Oct 2011
Best Practices in Nuclear Development - MENA Construction Conference, Dubai, Sep 2011
Implementing Digital Instrumentation and Control Systems - Nuclear Power Uprate Conference, Charlotte, NC, June 2011
Scenarios for Nuclear, Post Fukushima - Nuclear Supply Chain Conference, Charlotte, June 2011
Scenarios for Nuclear, Post Fukushima - Nuclear Maintenance and Modernization Conference, Brussels, May 2011
Opportunities and Challenges of International Markets for SMRs - Small Modular Reactor Conference, Columbia, SC, Apr 2011
Financing Challenges of the Nuclear Renaissance - Nuclear Investment and Finance Conference, Washington DC, Nov 2010
Outlook for Small Modular Reactors - Nuclear Construction Summit, Charlotte, NC, Oct 2010
Quantifying the Nuclear Renaissance - Nuclear Supply Chain Conference, Charlotte, NC Sep 2010

We provide "Insights for Industry and Government" through our ongoing consulting, conference involvement and studies:

  • Strategic Development
  • Market Development
  • Diversification
  • Research
  • Executive Relationships & Brand Building
  • Other Consulting / Advisory Services
Small  Modular Reactor (SMR) Executive Roundtable held October 2010, Charlotte NC with 30 participants.
Nuclear Construction Conference held in Charlotte NC, October 2010.

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